Wire Rewinding Machine
  • Frequency Conversion Motor is adopted and controlled by the Frequency Converter which matches with the Frequency Conversion Motor.
  • Crossing and welding the wire is easy and fast to handle. High working efficiency.
  • Tension during all the procedures can be controlled by hand and automation. Easy to operate.
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Welded Wire Mesh Machine

Peculiarity:Box-style support,high stability,lower noise,E-Machine in one,straighten&send wire automatically.
Main technical parameter
1.size of mesh:25.4mm-152.4mm(1”-6”)
2.width: 1.5m
3.diameter of wire: 0.5mm- 3.0mm

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Expanded Metal Machine

The machlnes are used for punching shear the cold crimped engine bed with the thickness of 0.4- 6mm the width of 2000mm Material strength of 450N/mm2The specifications of punching shear are su~eyed by the bit of TB5-20 mesh grid plate:if the TB TL are changed the punching shear knife is also changed;TB,TL are increased,the punching shear strength is reduced:TB,TL are reduced,the punching shear strength isincreased In order not to damage components for the excess load.

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